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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello!  Okay today I'm showing off my simple Spongebob cake.  This cake is really made up of cupcakes and was made very short notice for a friend of mine.  This cake shows that even if you don't have all the exact tools, the job can still get done and look halfway decent!  Okay to start, when making cupcakes, I always use my silicone cupcake cups.  They are amazing!  I don't even own a cupcake pan.  I let them cool and mixed up some homemade butter cream icing.  (I just follow the recipe on the back of a bag of powdered sugar.)  Now as you can see, the colors arn't exact, which is where the last minute part comes into play.  But as far as I'm concerned, if you can tell who its suppose to be, its a WIN!  Okay so using the darkest icing, I drew out the outline on the cupcakes.  Then simply filled it in with the star pattern for the rest of the icing.  The star pattern by the way is one of my favorites.  It may be a little old fashioned, but it's great at covering imperfections and making something look professional.  
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kmartsmartsuperstar said...

Agreed. The star pattern makes this cake a winner! It looks fantastic!

niceonice said...

It's cute. You can tell what it is without being told so its at least that good!

Swift Love said...

this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

Skutt Panda PO said...

ty for whrite this:))

Horror Movies 101 said...

hey <3

welcome to the f5 club@!

Anonymous said...

Supportin :D
Cool post bro!

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