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Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, Sooo I am sad.

So today was my weigh and measure day.  And I am a little discouraged.  I need a little encouragement from you guys.
I weighed today exactly what I weighed when I started this week. 
And I measured and I am exactly the same everywhere except for my thigh, which guess what? I actually gained an inch.   Now I have heard of not losing weight, because you gain muscle.  But to not lose inchs either? And actually gain one?  That just stinks.  So anyways, I am discouraged today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 4, 5, 6 - YogaX, Legs & Back + Ab Ripper, KenpoX

Alright, sorry I havn't been able to update the last few days, but I can assure you, I HAVE been doing my workouts, so YAY!  Now as far as the weight goes, I have fluctuated a little higher, like back to 159-160.  But thats okay! Yesterday I ate horrible, I'm not gonna lie.  My boss bought food for the office and I am not one to turn down a free meal :) Then after work, I went to a baby shower so of course I had a piece of cake :/
   But I am back on track today!  With the exception of discovering how amazing hersheys peppermint kisses are.  But I only had a few :)
   So lets start with yoga.  WOW.  This workout was insane.  AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!  When I first saw the time I was like, you gotta be kidding.  But I managed through the whole workout, with no pauses.  I'm sure I did a lot of the moves a little less than professional but I'm learning!  My advice on this workout is, the first 45 minutes are the devil!  You do that stupid vinyasa so many times....I was frustrated more than anything.  I was so tired of runners pose and downward dog, I was ready to quit.  But literally 45 minutes into the workout, It changes.  And it gets a little easier.  And let me tell you, whenever you finish, you will feel like heaven!  All your muscles are stretched and warm, you feel like jello LOL I noticed also, the last 15 minutes, I felt like I could have laid down on my mat and gone to sleep.  It was so relaxing.  Almost too relaxing.  A couple of times when he has you close your eyes...I almost nodded off.
   Next was Legs + Back.   Now I actually really liked this one.  It was super intense and made me sweat more than I ever have with these workouts.  I think it may be because I am much stronger with my legs so I felt like I could do much much more.
   The KenpoX workout has to be my favorite!! It goes by faster than any workout I have EVER done, its fun and fast moving.  It's hardwork but you actually feel like you are in a fun kick boxing class or something, instead of doing like regular crunches, or squats.  It's a very nice change for sure.
    Now tomorrow is the big day!  I am going to weight and measure myself and see what progress I have made after week 1!  I am trying to be realistic but I really really hope I see a little change.
   Whoohoo! And now time to catch up on what you guys have been doing and posted, thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 3 - P90X - Shoulders and Arms+ Ab RipperX

Welcome to my day three!
Starting weight - 161.6
Today's weight - 158.4
Yay! I am officially in the 150s! Lets have a one minute dance party! :)
Okay, today I did the shoulder and arms and ab ripper x.
I really need to get some heavier weights because I feel like a lot of exercises were way too easy. So I will put that on my to do list, buy more weights. Now the ab ripper x was amazing! And by amazing I mean super painful. Lol
It was high paced and super intense, but it's nice because it only lasts 15 minutes. Thank you everyone for all your comments and encouragement! Sorry this isn't more detailed but I am updating from my phone so it's a little more difficult.
All in all I think today was awesome, I felt good, I did my workout, and I felt thinner :) tomorrow I will give a much more detailed report! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 2 - P90X - CardioX

Starting weight - 161.6
My weight today was - 160!
(I realize it's just water weight but I am so excited to get below 160 finally!! So close!)

        Alrighty, well all I can say is OUCH.  As I layed down to go to sleep last night I wanted to just stay in my cozy blankets and never move again.  I am SO SORE.  And not just one area, my entire body.  All over soreness. LOL But you know what? It makes me feel like I did a good job.  And I know it's only my second day but I truly felt great today.  I felt slim and not bloated and just very..good.  But honestly, the thought of enduring more P90X on top of my soreness wanted to make me fall on the floor.  BUT with a little inspiration from reading kkazzamm's blog ( ), and knowing that I owed a good review to all of my loyal readers...
And in the answer to honkhonkpt's question, I plan to update my weight everyday at the top of each post, and I will post my measurements once a week.  Maybe, JUST maybe at the end I will post before and after pictures. :)
So here is my review of day 2!
Today was my CardioX;
This DVD is kind of difficult to review each exercise because it's so varied, it combines yoga, kenpo, and plyometrics. At the beginning is a lot of yoga poses, which at first I'm thinking, okay this isn't going to be so hard.  But by the time I do my third "vinyasa" my mind was very much changed. That is tough work! It makes me a little scared to do the YogaX DVD I have coming up.  The kenpo part is really fun, throwing punches and kickboxing.  I would love it even more if I could devote all my focus to doing the exercises right instead of worrying soft landings because of the bagface who lives underneath me complaining about noise.  Anyways
I think that is all I will be posting for now, I really need to read up on all of your blogs!  
Until tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 1 - P90X - Core Synergistics

          Alright everyone! Welcome to my day 1 of the crazy intense P90X program!  I decided to do the Lean program and whew! It's tough work!
           Before I start, I think I should give all my Stats, weight and measurements and things like that.  I'm not really sure if I WANT to, I don't really want everyone knowing how much I have let myself go LOL But How can you review an intense workout system without giving your stats?
           Okay, so here they are:
Weight - 161.6
Hips - 39"
Waist - 30"
Arms - 13"
Thigh - 25"
.        My goal is to get down to 130 again.  So I am really hoping that I will reach that with this program!
Here is what my schedule will look like for the lean program for the first 3 weeks.
Week 1-3
Day 1  - Core Synergistics 
Day 2  - Cardio X
Day 3  - Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X
Day 4  - Yoga X
Day 5  - Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X 
Day 6  - Kenpo X
Day 7  - Rest or X Stretch

         Since this is the first time doing this DVD I will list all the exercises.
They Stretch first, which feels great, but then, you better be ready to jump right in!

Stacked foot/Staggered Hands pushup
In push up position, one hand is forward and one is further back, and you stack your feet on top of eachother.  Now I realized during this workout that I have no arm strength. LOL.  So, these were pretty tough for me. 
Start on back with legs and arms extended 6-12 inches off floor-hold for 5, roll onto side hold for 5, roll onto back hold for 5.  I suggest doing this with no one watching you or else you will probably not be able to continue from all the laughing.  This looks ridiculous. BUT! It works AMAZING.  You feel this pretty instantly in your abs.  
Leaning Crescent Lunges-
Lunge forward at 45 degree angle while extending your arm in one straight line with your back leg holding dumbells. This one is pretty straight forward.  I am much stronger with my legs so I was able to do this pretty easy, but it still works your legs out great!
Squat run-
Squat position with one leg in front, holding dumbells moving your arms back and forth like you are running--switch legs. This is another one you might feel a litte silly doing.  But let me tell you, towards the end of this one, my legs felt like they could collapse.  So it works :)
Sphinx Pushups-
Rest on forearms with elbows under shoulders. Press up off forearms until arms are straight. This one was pretty much impossible for me, I'm not gonna lie.  I just did what I could. 
Bow to Boat-
5 seconds in bow, which is laying on your stomach holding your ankles behind you.  SO the only part of you touching the floor should be your hips or tummy.  Then flip over 5 seconds in Boat.  Which is where nothing but your lower back should be touching, everything else up in the air.  This one was really tough,  mostly because its really hard to get into the first pose as fast as they do. LOL
Plank to Chatarunga run-
While in plank run your knees in for 10 seconds then go down to a chat positions and do a fast type of crawl while not moving.  (just moving your legs).  Unfortunately where I live, I can't make a lot of noise because the old bag who lives underneath us complains about the smallest noise.  So exercises like this I had to substitute for other things to keep me moving.  
Walking Pushups-
This one is tough.  Get in push up position and keep your legs locked straight.  Slowly tip toe four steps forward and four back.  This gets really tough.  
Superman/Banana-Alternating Superman and then roll onto your belly for arms and legs off floor position/ Go back and forth.  And back to the one that makes you looks like a flailing fish.  Great though!
Low lateral skaters-
Slowly shifting side to side in a deep lunge while lifting your straight leg at the end of the movement.  This one was pretty easy, my suggestion for this though is to remember to lift your leg without using your hands pushing on the floor. It works so much better this way.
Lunge and Reach-
With weight in hand reach down to front leg as if you are lifting something off of the floor, then reach up and twist as though you are putting it on a shelf. I think this one is really fun and it works you out like crazy, but since it's fun, it's like you don't notice. LOL
Kickback-Curl and Press.  This one is difficult to explain because there is so much to it.  I suggest googling it.  :)
Reach High and Under Pushups-
Combine standard pushup then a sideplank from sideplank reach under like a pilates twist and repeat.  This one was near impossible for my weak arms.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will be doing this one like a pro though.  
Prison Cell Pushup-
From standing bend forward to plank, do a pushup,bring your right knee in and out, do another pushup, bring left knee in and out do another pushup, do third pushup and jump back to standing. All I have to say with this one, is I HATE IT. LOL It's so hard!

Side hip raise-
Lying on side, resting on forearm. Lift hips up off of the floor and lower them.  This is pretty tough, but it's easy to get the hang of.  
Squat X press-
Holding weights do squats while you are performing a wide shoulder press to that your body forms and X.  This one was pretty fun and easy to understand. 
Steam Engine-
Standing knee to elbow crunches.  Whew, you start out doing these and your like, okay, this is pretty easy, but by the time they get to the end, you want to fall down and never get up again.  
Dreya Roll-
From standing squat down rolling onto your back, kick legs straight up in the air, almost like a pilates control balance and roll forward coming to standing again.  This is another one that I can't really do with our apartment.  (Not that I could do it anyway :))
Plank to Chaturanga Iso-
Alternate 10 second counts between plank and chat position.  This one is tough.  But its great too.  
Agility moves simulating going through football tire drills. I love this one but sadly another one I can't do.  Too much noise :(
Table dip/Leg raise-
Get yourself into a yoga table. Raise one leg in the air keeping hips up, and do tricep dips changing after 5 reps.  Super tough on your arms, but you can really feel it working your arms which is nice
 You are finished!  You now get an amazing cooldown stretch period which after the workout feels like the most amazing thing on the planet.  

Okay, I realize that was a lot, but I really wanted to show you exactly what I was going through and how tough it was.  I'm excited and I can't wait for Day 2! 
         All in all, I think I did pretty well for the first day.  I'm getting ready to make myself a yummy protein shake and clean house! Yay for burning calories!  Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whoohoo! Back Online!

Yay everyone!  Hello again!  I am finally back on!  Life has been crazy!  Vacations, new job, all kinds of good stuff.  But the important thing is, I am back and ready to go with the popular vote of starting some P90X! YEAH!
So let's go people!  Be prepared for some awesome in depth reviews as I review it day by day and report my progress and my likes and dislikes of the program.  And I can't wait to go out and check out everyones blogs and what everyone has been up to!