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Friday, October 22, 2010

Jillian Michaels Day 1-3

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted!  So far I have done 3 Days of the Jillian Michaels 30- Day Shred.
Things Needed -
3-5 lb weight
A mat (Recommended but not necessary .
Before you start this workout, make sure you weigh and measure!!! This is very important! You will be happy you did this step once you are done and see the amazing results! I am honestly hoping to drop about 10 lbs throughout this workout.
Now once you have your hands on this DVD, you are going to want to set aside about 30-40 minutes EVERY day to do it.
Now the way this program is designed is in 3 levels.
Level 1- 10 days
Level 2 - 10 days
Level 3 - 10 days
Once finished, you can go back through and switch it up.
Okay I debated a long time about actually posting up my weight and measurements.  But I will go ahead and post up SOME information. :)
Weight - 20 lbs to lose.
Waist - 29
Hips - 39

~~~Day 1~~
It begins!
Start with Level 1.  Right away Jillian jumps into it.  There is a lot of jumping jacks and cardio.  But as long as your PAY attention to exactly how your body is moving, then there isn't really any bad strain on your knees.
I will admit right now that I had to pause the workout 3 times to breath and drink some water.  I was honestly thinking to myself that 30 minutes cannot be that hard of a workout.  Well I was wrong.  This is intense.  It really keeps you moving!

~~~Day 2~~~
Okay today was actually a little easier, I only paused it once!  I still sweat and lost my breath just as much but HEY that's what is is suppose to do!  My advice? JUST KEEP GOING!  This is an everyday workout! It has to be done everyday or it loses its effectiveness!  You are going to be sore, I know I am.  Just keep plugging through it!

~~Day 3~~~ Today was  pretty much the same as yesterday,  I still had to pause it once but I really feel like my endurance is already toughening up.  I can do things with alot more strength than I had before.
I didn't eat great today though, But tomorrow I get back on track with the diet!


happybuffet said...

Haha, pretty good overview. My roommate is starting the Insanity workout.

Telia Tuli said...

Very good routine.
And stick to that diet.
One without the other is pointless.

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

So We Heard You Like Fitness said...

Looks like you're on your way to a great routine! Keep it up!

snoobyy said...

good luck on all 30 days!

Ultimate Banana said...

Awesome, i'll try it

PsyEFlatts said...

Keep up the good work :)

crose0689 said...

wow this is the complete opposite of your other blog

la comédie said...

nice post

Koniworld said...

u have intersting days =x

well .. good luck to ur diet hehe

OneFourSeven said...

I'm looking to get back into working out again, maybe I should try something like this for defined structure. Good initial review, can't wait to see where this goes.

The Greater Spartan said...

Trying out tomorrow though we'll see :P

Dan said...

I hope its helping and you are getting more fit!
I like people that care for their bodies.

praebjot said...

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